Timeline of Virginia Woolf’s Life

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♦Born Adeline Virginia Stephen to Leslie Stephen and Julia Prinsep Jackson in Hyde Park Gate, London, England.

♦Virginia’s mother, Julia, dies of rheumatic fever.
♦Virginia has her first mental breakdown.

♦Virginia attends Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee procession

♦Virginia meets Leonard Woolf while visiting her brother Thoby at Trinity College.

♦Virginia’s father, Leslie Stephen, dies of stomach cancer.
♦Virginia has her second mental breakdown and tries to commit suicide by jumping out a window. She is briefly institutionalized but recovers.
♦Virginia and her siblings, Thoby, Vanessa and Adrian move to 46 Gordon Square in the Bloomsbury district of London.

Virginia begins work as a teacher at Morley College for Working Men and Women.

♦Virginia and her siblings take a trip to Greece.
♦Thoby contracts Typhoid fever there and dies.
♦Vanessa Stephen accepts Clive Bell’s marriage proposal.
♦Virginia and Adrian move to Fitzroy square in London.

♦Virginia leaves her teaching job at Morley College to focus on writing.
♦Virginia, Leonard, Adrian, Clive Bell and Vanessa take a trip to Paris.
♦Clive Bell and Vanessa marry.

♦Virginia’s nephew, Julian Bell, is born. Virginia and Clive Bell begin a flirtatious relationship.

♦Lytton Strachey proposes to Virginia in February. She accepts. The following day the couple decide against the engagement.
♦Edward Hilton Young proposes to Virginia in May but she turns him down.

♦Virginia, Adrian and Duncan Grant take part in the Dreadnaught Hoax with Horace de Vere Cole.

♦Virginia visits her friend Rupert Brooke in Cambridge during the summer and swims naked with him in Byron’s pool.
♦Sydney Waterlow proposes to Virginia in November but she turns him down.

♦Leonard Woolf proposes to Virginia in January. She accepts. Virginia and Leonard Woolf marry on August 10 and live in a rented house called Asheham near Beddington after a long honeymoon in France, Spain and Italy.
♦The Titanic sinks and Virginia develops a fascination with the disaster.

♦Virginia suffers another mental breakdown and attempts suicide.

♦World War I begins.

♦Virginia’s first novel The Voyage Out is published by her half-brother George Duckworth.
♦Virginia suffers another mental breakdown.

♦Virginia and Leonard rent Hogarth House in Richmond.
♦Virginia and Leonard set up Hogarth Press. They publish two short stories, Virginia’s “The Mark on the Wall” and Leonard’s “Three Jews.”

♦World War I ends.
♦Lytton Strachey’s Eminent Victorians is published. Virginia later admits she was jealous of Lytton’s success.

♦Virginia’s novel Night and Day is published by George Duckworth.

♦Virginia publishes a short fictional story called Monday or Tuesday with Hogarth Press.

♦Virginia’s novel Jacob’s Room is published.
Virginia and Leonard take a trip to Spain to visit friend Gerald Brenan.

♦Virginia and Leonard move to Tavistock square in London.

♦Virginia and Vita Sackville-West have a brief sexual affair.
♦Virginia’s book “The Common Reader” is published.
♦Virginia’s novel Mrs. Dalloway is published.
♦Virginia starts writing To The Lighthouse
♦Virginia and Leonard take a trip to Cassis.

♦Virginia’s novel To The Lighthouse is published.
♦Virginia starts writing Orlando.
Virginia and Leonard buy a Singer car.
♦Virginia and Leonard take another trip to Cassis.
Philip Morrell develops a crush on Virginia and unsuccessfully courts her

♦Virginia and Leonard drive to Cassis to visit Vanessa and her lover Duncan Grant.
♦Virginia’s novel “Orlando” is published.

♦Virginia’s book A Room of One’s Own is published.

♦Virginia’s book The Waves is published.

♦Lytton Strachey dies of stomach cancer.
♦Friend Dora Carrington commits suicide.
♦Virginia, Roger Fry and his sister Margery take a trip to Greece.

♦Virginia and Leonard take a trip to France.
♦Virginia’s novel Flush is published.

♦Friend Roger Fry dies after a fall at his home.

♦Virginia and Leonard Woolf take a road trip to France and Italy. They travel through Nazi Germany and Holland en route.

♦Virginia’s nephew Julian Bell is killed during the Spanish Civil War.
♦Virginia’s friend Lady Ottoline Morrell dies.
♦Virginia’s book The Years is published.

♦Virginia’s book Three Guineas is published.

♦Virginia and Leonard take a trip to France.
♦World War II begins on September 3.

♦Virginia’s biography of Roger Fry is published.
♦Virginia’s London homes are destroyed by German bombs.

Virginia goes missing on March 28thand is presumed dead
♦Virginia’s body is discovered in the river Ouse on April 18th. Her drowning death is ruled a suicide.
♦Virginia is cremated and her remains are buried under an Elm tree behind Monk’s house in Rodmell.
♦Virginia’s final novel Between the Acts is published.

Virginia Woolf photographed by George Charles Beresford in July 1902

Virginia Woolf photographed by George Charles Beresford in July 1902

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